Our experience in real estate allows us to offer different services in this area

It is our priority to make an analysis of the legal situation that a real estate has before acquiring it or have the possession of it in any form established by the Law (buy, use, lease, loan, exchange, etc.) as well as to include the documents relevant to the sale or procedure of the permits of land use. The firm has participated on the counseling for many projects real estate development and malls. We can offer you certainty on these operations through these services:

  1. Research and analysis of the background in the Public Property Recording Office.
  2. Contractual analysis of the transactions.
  3. Land use permit.
  4. Cancellation of liens.
  5. Granting of rights-of-way.
  6. Sub-divisions.
  7. Expropriations.
  8. Appraisals.