Our experts will help you with civil, familiar or business litigation

Our firm has an area specialized in litigation; our team of professionals is recognized by their capacity and ability on handling relevant issues and collection of evidence to face legal disputes. We also provide counseling for negotiations and transactions of our clients.

Civil, Family and Commercial

The firm has among its members distinguished professionals in civil, family and commercial practice. Our practice is strictly based on honesty and efficiency to protect the rights of people and their heritage and do force the defense of the interests of our clients before the courts, both local and federal agencies.
Our firm has an area that specializes in litigation, our the team of professionals is recognized for its ability and skill in handling relevant issues and evidence gathering area to face legal disputes. We also give advice on negotiations and transactions of our customers.


The partners of the firm are highly experienced to handle complex cases with maximum efficiency. The firm has obtained reversal of judgments in tight situations and success in the approach of new criteria before a higher court. The manage of a matter were the result was unfavorable because of the wrong application of the law or abuse of discretion, lack of evidence evaluation or severe due process violations, it requires high experience and efficacy on the approach to obtain the reversal of a judgment and the rectification of grievances due to a wrong judgment or process violations. The firm is accredited for its compromise and success on the planning of the resources that are going to be used on federal or local trial.


The use of effective legal tool for the protection of fundamental rights and constitutional control is complex and requires being in the hands of specialists. The firm has earned a reputation for his role in the preparation of court orders. Some of the most complex issues in the region have been in the hands of the founder and director of signing Carlos Vizcaino, who has extensive experience in the practice of conflict resolution of a constitutional nature. Carlos Vizcaino has managed to get recognition within this medium for their participation as a judicial officer, after his extensive activity in the free practice of the profession by training and simultaneously as professor of Tijuana’s Faculty of Law at the Autonomous University of Baja California, who through his teaching career has given Human Rights and Individual Rights, Constitutional Litigation I and II and Protection classes as well as having obtained a graduate degree in Constitutional and Administrative matters.

Services in this area include:

Analysis of the constitutionality of acts of authority (laws, regulations, official standards, general and administrative acts in protection against acts of judicial authorities)
Indirect jurisdiction to district courts
Direct protection against Collegiate Circuit Courts
Resources within the processes under adverse rulings against our clients
Analysis of the constitutionality of acts of authority (laws, regulations, official standards)


The success of a company may depend largely on the proper administration of labor relations.

Our services include the development of a preventive plan to regulate labor relations, as well as representing clients before the disputes or claims that might affect them. Lawyers members and associates of the firm have experience and recognition in the practice of labor law, because their training includes participation as officers of the locals, as in academia and now in the free exercise of the profession.

Our services in this area include:

Development of individual contracts or collective
Developing rules
Advice on issuing receipts and payroll
Preparation of documents and negotiations and collective termination of individual employment relationships
Processing of applications before the labor authorities for the development and registration of training plans and training
Establishment and operation of joint health and safety committees
Development of control systems and safety
Notice of substitution and risk intermediation employer
Advice on confidentiality agreements and non-competition
Labor audits and evaluation of labor contingencies

International Litigation

  • Assistance on the service of judicial and extrajudicial documents.
  • Warrants or letters of request issued by court in conjunctions with proceedings in civil or commercial, which aim:

–       Implementation of judicial proceedings of formal nature.

–       Receive and obtain evidence abroad.

  • Judicial assistance and their recognition and enforcement of judgments, court rulings and mediated settlements in civil and commercial matters.