Counseling on design and implementation of contracts for commercial societies

Intellectual property

The intellectual property rights or intellectual property, with the legal protection to creations of the human mind to ensure its prerogatives to the creators are divided into two major sections:

  1. Copyright, when it comes to legal protection to intellectual creations in areas such as literary, architectural computing packages, music and more.
  2. Industrial property when fall protection for inventions or improvements to existing products, which are directly engaged in trade or productive sector.

Derived from these issues there is a vast field of action from the authorities of the subject, in each of the above divisions.

To copyright the scope includes among others:

  • Background searches in state agencies
  • Procedures ownership records Free
  • Condominiums works
  • Transfer of economic rights through various legal means
  • Effective Free
  • Advice and representation in various procedures
  • Advice and representation in proceedings of compromise, matters relating to offenses or penalties
  • Generally all that action aimed at achieving protection of creations of authors and persons authorized to operate it, the authors of which enjoy a privileged right to use.

The significance of an area like this is because it involves a lot of legal certainty from the creators of works of this nature and therefore promoting their activity and the preservation of cultural and scientific heritage. Meanwhile the exercise of industrial property is also embodied in:

  • Background searches
  • Procedures of rights and ownership records
  • Condominiums
  • Transfer of economic rights through various legal means
  • Effective Rights
  • Advice and representation in various steps and procedures of compromise
  • Matters relating to offenses or penalties
  • Generally all that action aimed at achieving protection of creations or modifications both creators and persons authorized by them for exploitation, of which the former enjoy a privileged right to use source.

Industrial property includes several figures through which you can protect the original development of the human mind, to be used for commercial area or the productive sector to ensure best results, earnings and greater certainty in the exploitation of rights, figures are:

  • Patents
  • Utility model
  • Industrial design
  • Trade Secrets
  • Brands
  • Business Name
  • Trade Notice
  • Denomination of origin

All mentioned above are ways that will help protect creations that will increase business development and the level of productivity in the industry by providing legal certainty to the rights holder, and foster creativity and competitiveness.

Corporate governance

Counseling on the design and implementation of principles and techniques for the better administration of the corporate entities, especially for those who are listed on the stock exchange or that operate in significantly regulated sectors like telecommunications industry, gaming, financial services, credit ancillary organizations and related activities.

Support on the design and implementation of the organization of the board, transparency, practices to avoid conflict of interest, improve the organization and function of the general meetings by facilitating the practice of the right to vote and the access to social information by minority shareholders.


The provision of telecommunications services in Mexico requires authorization by the Federal Government and it is therefore necessary to perform various procedures before the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation, the Federal Communications Commission and Federal Competition Commission. Our firm has specialized in this area and currently represents the leading companies in satellite communications services in the country. Among the services that we highlight are:

  • Advice on the integration and application procedure for the operation, installation and operation of concessions for public telecommunications network
  • Integration and permit procedure marketer of telecommunications services
  • Integration and application procedure evidence of value added services
  • Integration and procedure changes to the technical specifications and award titles
  • Counseling in fulfilling obligations under permits and concession contracts for telecommunications services
  • Advice on the application process and transfer of permits and concession contracts
  • Advice on procedures for inspection by the authorities

Migration services

The Vizcaino & Associates Law Office SC, offers all kinds of services also in the area of ​​international and foreign legal stay in Mexico, as well as issues of Mexican nationals into the country. Aliens In appearance and management advice provided to authorities in:

  • Legal entry into the country by immigration status and determine the appropriate feature (tourist, visitor, student, work, etc.)
  • Processing of the relevant immigration form to the case
  • Renewal, corrections and amendments to immigration forms
  • Verification of compliance with requirements to maintain immigration status
  • Processing of immigrant status in the national territory (obtain permanent residence in Mexico)
  • Management of Mexican nationality by naturalization
  • Constitution of legal entities according to Mexican law

As for nationality issues, and management consulting with authorities on is provided:

  • Obtaining documentary evidence of citizenship according to the law
  • Management of the option, if Mexicans can have another nationality and need to decide by a
  • Managing all the procedures related to Mexican nationality by birth or naturalization

In an area like ours growing social and economic dynamics, is of undeniable importance the flow of people for various purposes wish to penetrate and remain legally in our country, for a definite or indefinite, to become an immigrant and even considered an national by naturalization, if desired abroad.